Boost Your Workforce Efficiency with our Time and Attendance Solutions

Time & Access Systems can help you boost workforce performance and increase profit through improved time recording, preventing time theft and facilitating accurate hours worked for export to your payroll.

We provide exactly the right combination of time clock equipment, time software and support services to suit your company’s work type, work flow and location.

Inside or Outside, 10 staff members to 10,000+

We can link time and access equipment to your payroll software so you can reduce time losses and increase revenues, significantly.  In fact, most clients recover the cost of their system within three months and enjoy new profits from a more efficient workforce after that.

Our product range suits all environments. From elegant time clocks in corporate offices to ruggedized, weatherproof bollards that capture electronic or even biometric information like fingerprints and can be taken from one job site to another.  Wherever you think you might be experiencing a loss of time from your workforce or want to control attendance and access to a site, our product range can do the job.

20 years of experience means you’ll get the right time clock specification

We have helped companies of all sizes and industries automate their payroll, get accurate labour cost reports, improve access control and recording and integrate all that data into a workforce management solution that measurably improves their profits.  We can do the same for you.

Imagine how much better it would be...

Imagine getting super-accurate job costings, generating accurate invoices without manual data entry and seeing accurate profit and loss reports for particular clients and jobs.  And all from a system that is paying for itself every working day

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and support Australia-wide, Time and Access Systems can give you the right time and attendance system anywhere in the country.  We even service our Pacific neighbours. 

Your specification starts with a phone call or contact form.  Please contact us today for a fast and friendly response.