The agricultural industry employs a wide range of field based workers biometric time.  With your workforce often spread between multiple remote sites, accurate capture and electronic reporting of worked hours has always been a challenge.

Influxes of seasonal workers, often presents issues between practicality of hiring and the timely completion of administrative/payroll formalities.

Weather, chemicals and airborne debris have impacted on traditional methods of electronic or biometric time capture.

  • Multiple Remote Sites

Mobile Phone networks are used to send and receive time and attendance data from devices at a single, or multiple remote locations nationwide, or internationally.

  • Seasonal Workforce Fluctuationsfree-quote.jpg

Because new workers can be enrolled in the biometric time keeping device before being added to the payroll software, they are able to begin scanning and start work immediately.

  • Challenging Work Environments

With the latest innovations in biometric time keeping devices, they are now proven performers in a wide variety of challenging environments found in agribusiness.

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Staff were trying to do us a favour by adding up their timesheets for us (making) honest mistakes, but costly ones

Marilynn Davey, Administration Officer, Southside Sport and Community Club

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