Prescribed scheduling and immediate confirmation that qualified staff have attended the shift is a challenge but is critical to business operations.

Because key qualified staff are often site based and are required to move between sites, collecting data that includes location as well as time capture is an issue.

Time based systems must also be capable of capture and reporting across multiple time zones.

Industry qualification updates necessitates accurate recording of training hours.

  • Strict Skills Based Compliance by Shift

Immediate visibility of all staff at all locations is available at any time from all locations.

  • Accurate Remote Time Capturefree-quote.jpg

Site based staff can use the same biometric timekeeping devices as head office staff or mobile solution for workplace attendance.

  • Multiple Time Zone Reporting

The system captures and reports staff times locally, nationally and internationally simultaneously.

  • Inadequate Training Hours Reporting

As well as attendance reporting the system provides detailed reporting on workplace activities including training hours.


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To be perfectly honest, I’d rather our competitors didn’t buy it, as it provides us with an additional management tool and productivity control mechanism that they don’t have

Rick Nothard, Financial Controller, Sheraton Brisbane

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