bell2.pngBell Control

 Use your time clock to control your bells!

  • Each clock can be programmed to ring up to 48 bells in a day.
  • Program different bell ring times on weekends.
  • Each bell can have a different duration designating warning vs. actual shift start time.
  • Supports magnetic stripe, barcode, proximity and biometric data collection devices.


Time & Access Systems’ Bell Control is a software module for Lite, SME or Enterprise Version  time in attendance management software.  It allows you to define a bell ringing schedule and send it to the data collection terminal.

The data collection terminal uses this schedule to activate a user supplied bell, alarm, or other audible signaling device.  Each terminal can be programmed with a different schedule.

 A bell schedule can contain up to 48 bells.  Each bell consists of time of day to ring, which days of the week to ring, and the duration of the ring.

 This means each data collection terminal can be programmed to ring up to 336 individual bells per week.  A relay attached to the terminal controls the bell’s actuation. 


Sirens and Automatic Controllers

Use an automatic bell controller to sound off your sirens! 

In the factory setting, the siren is set to sound at different times; i.e. start of shift, end of shift, lunch time, and so on. Siren intervals vary depending on the event. Usually this is done manually by security personnel, putting the burden of responsibility on one individual.

With the Time & Access Systems’ Automatic Bell Controller, these sirens are generated automatically at predetermined times for pre-programmed durations.  It is possible to programme off days so that the siren remains off on weekly holidays.  Daily programmes are also possible so that even half days are covered.

Controller Features:

  • Microcontroller based Digital Circuitry
  • 16 x 1 LCD Display
  • Continuous Time and Date Display
  • Dust proof membrane keypad
  • Up to 3 Relay outputs rated 230V / 10A
  • Real Time clock with 10 years battery backup
  • Y2K Compliant Clock with Leap Year Adjustment
  • 6 holiday from date to date programmable
  • Daylight savings setting

Additional Features:

  • 30 timings per day programmable (365 days program)
  • 3 Seasons programmable (for school holidays)
  • 5 programmable tones
  • RS232 interface for PC connectivity
  • Windows based PC software for programming
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Easy to Install


Estimate Your Savings

To be perfectly honest, I’d rather our competitors didn’t buy it, as it provides us with an additional management tool and productivity control mechanism that they don’t have

Rick Nothard, Financial Controller, Sheraton Brisbane

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