The construction industry employs a wide range of site based workers and subcontractors.  With the workforce spread between multiple and remote sites, accurate capture and electronic reporting of worked hours on jobs has always been a challenge.

Other considerations such as weather exposure and airborne debris have impacted on traditional methods of electronic time capture.

Another primary concern is the portability of the time capture devices to the next site at the end of a project.

Lack of administrative process puts the risk of un-inducted workers entering the site.

Lack of accurate capture of sub-contractor hours on sites exposes construction companies to overcharging and performance issues.

  •  Multiple Sitesfree-quote.jpg

Mobile networks are used to send and receive time and attendance data from electronic devices from a single or multiple locations nationwide, or internationally.

  • Challenging Environments

With the latest innovations in biometric time keeping devices, they are now proven performers in a wide variety of challenging environments found in construction.

  • OH&S Compliance

The facility (Status Board) to view the IN/OUT or break status, of any site and/or individual on demand is a valuable tool.  Aside from the obvious OH&S, personnel (employees and sub-contractors) will not be allowed to Punch into shift at the site unless they are inducted into the system.

  • Sub-Contractor Tracking

Using biometrics to capture actual sub-contractor time onsite enables audit of their invoices by Accounts prior to payment.

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I read a lot about the available systems, looked into prices, which were similar, but it was Time & Access’ personal service that I really liked.  They came out to see us and gave us the answers we needed.

Wally George, Owner-Operator, AUR Supermarket Mooloolah QLD

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