One of education’s most time consuming processes is the calculation and management of ADO’s for non-teaching      staff and teacher aids.

Clumsy manual systems and difficult to use spreadsheets have been responsible for extensive human error at employee level, leading to dissatisfaction from both school Business Managers and staff.

It is often the case that ancillary staff are not computer literate and/or English is not their primary language, this can put a strain in employer/employee relations.

  • Calculation and Management of ADO’s

Developed specifically for Schools, the State  School   Attendance Sheet automatically  calculates the      ADO’s at the individual’s prescribed rate, saving     hours in manual calculations.  free-quote.jpg

  • Accuracy of Non-Teaching Staff Hours

Using biometrics means staff times are collected accurately without any requirement to manually enter data, eliminating confusion and instilling confidence for all stakeholders.

  • Non User-Friendly Technologies

While many employees are savvy when it comes to technology some find navigating a spreadsheet stressful and a loathed part of their job, this issue is completely negated through using biometric technology.

Estimate Your Savings

We can now calculate our production and departmental costs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with the press of a button…It’s dead simple!  It does everything that we wanted to do

Fred Auret, Financial Controller, Poolrite

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