Handpunch Terminals


  • Accuracy and speed unmatched by traditional data collection devices
  • Eliminates the need for badges
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Eliminates errors associated with manual data collection
  • Easy to operate and is user programmable
  • Links directly to your existing computer system
  • Provides fast and accurate employee verification

What kind of data would you like to collect?

Accurate tracking and reporting of employee time is essential to determining productivity. Time and Accuracy and speed unmatched by traditional data collection devices.

Access Systems’ HandPunch unit provides an easy, cost effective means of gathering this type of data in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, health care and many more. Utilising biometry, the new technology standard for employee data collection, the HandPunch unit verifies an employee’s identity based on the unique size and shape of the hand – eliminating the need for badges or passwords, which can be lost or forgotten. The HandPunch unit offers powerful features that help Supervisors better track and utilize labour resources including recording employee time and attendance, monitoring productivity, controlling building access and tracking inventory.

A key benefit to the HandPunch unit is the elimination of buddy-punching. Buddy-punching is a problem that affects many companies in varying degrees. If your company’s current solution allows employees to clock in and out for one another, a Hand Biometric solution can help you.

Whether you are implementing a workforce management system for the first time or updating your existing data collection method, you can maximize your investment and avoid potential pitfalls with the HandPunch unit.


Programmable Functions: Each function key can be programmed to collect up to 4 items of data, plus the initial employee I.D. and time stamp.

Supervisor Editing: Supervisors can correct employee time entries and recall or delete previous employee transactions by date, time and employee number.

Lockout Scheduling: The HandPunch unit eliminates unauthorised overtime by forcing schedules which restricts when employees can use the terminal. Supervisors can be given rights to override a lockout, approve punches and more. When used with access control, the HandPunch functions restrict employee access by schedule.

Employee Messaging: After the employee enters their ID, the terminal can display a 16-character message such as the employee’s name, hours worked, or location to report to or personalised messages.

Construction: The HandPunch unit is constructed of injection-moulded plastic, which is strong yet lightweight. The terminal has a silicon rubber keypad, which creates a seal against the outside elements, and comes with an integrated wall-mounting bracket. The unit’s internal Lithium battery holds memory and keeps the time and calendar accurate and keeps data safe even if the power is out for weeks.

Estimate Your Savings

Staff used to turn up around about starting time… if they were expected at 10am, they might arrive by 10.15 (but still write 10 on their timesheet).  Now, staff are seen running through the carpark to clock on at the correct time.

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