Prescribed scheduling and immediate confirmation that qualified staff have attended the shift is a challenge but is critical to healthcare compliance.

With the focus on Healthcare professional/patient ratios, responsibility for compliance is of increasing concern.

Recognised as one of the most demanding professions, medical personnel are at a high risk of fatigue due to unanticipated workload and shift hours.

Inability to accurately capture outsourced healthcare professional hours exposes healthcare providers to abuse.

Wasted resources are often spent on inefficient manual processes due to inadequate software solutions.

  • Patient / Healthcare Professional Ratio

Roster by shifts, wards/facilities and qualifications in a single screen view, provides the ability to make adhoc adjustments, enabling quick and easy changes to ensure compliance.

  • Fatigue Management

Exception Reports quickly highlights those healthcare professionals who have exceeded rostered work hours enabling managers to take appropriate action.

  • Agency Staff and Employee Reporting

Biometric time capture for both employees and outsourced staff reduces administrative processes and potential for abuse.

  • Complex Award Interpretation

By allowing the appropriate time & attendance software to take care of complex awards, administrative tasks are streamlined representing better accuracy, consistency and savings in time and valuable funds.

Estimate Your Savings

The switch to TA100 and the handpunch has been well worthwhile.  It makes timesheets and payroll so much easier.

Anabel Braham, Financial Controller at Rangers Valley Feedlot.

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