Often attracting transient workers, the hospitality and leisure industries experience a high turnover of staff, which means agency staff must fill the gaps left by employees, often at short notice.

In a busy venue keeping tabs on every staff member’s start and finish times on shifts and split shifts presents a challenge, frequently leaving the staff member’s interpretation of their time as the only option for payroll, potentially a costly exercise.

Bookings for venues are used to forecast the shift coverage, however if staff that don’t show up for shift you could lose service levels and customer satisfaction without the ability to react swiftly.

As a rule of thumb agency staff cost more than employees and therefore being able to minimise the need to employ agency staff can make a big difference to the bottom line.

  • No Shows for Shift

Roster by events, facilities and staff experience in a single screen view, provides the ability to make ad-hoc adjustments, enables quick and easy changes to ensure as many employees are offered work before contacting agencies.

  • Inaccurate Time Reporting and Manual Payroll Preparation Processes

Biometric time devices ensure accuracy of employee shift hours, applying the organisations rounding rules, not the employee’s. Timecards are edited online by managers resolving daily anomalies, automated award interpretation and direct import to payroll software stops time cheating, streamlines timecard processes, eliminates manual time calculations and tedious data entry.

  • Shift Coverage Issues

Quick and single page roster visibility of on-shift staff by, location, department shift, employee type, etc. enables quick resolution by management in the event of no shows or unexpected volumes of customers in service areas. 

  • Management of Labour Costs

Both historical and forecasted labour reporting enables management to set budgets and track Actual vs. Budgeted vs. Rostered Hrs and Dollar costs.  Detailed reporting can include by Location, Department, Site, Event, etc.

Estimate Your Savings

We can now calculate our production and departmental costs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with the press of a button…It’s dead simple!  It does everything that we wanted to do

Fred Auret, Financial Controller, Poolrite

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