Long standing issues within the logistics industry have related to accurate capture and reporting of mobile employees as well as route completion throughout the day.  Recent technologies have enabled improved better tracking of vehicles and other assets without a focus on the employees.

Often due to unanticipated events employees are called upon to work extended hours, greatly increasing the safety risk to drivers and other staff if the appropriate break times are not observed.

  • Mobile Staff Time Capture

Mobile staff can use both static devices at depots and mobile devices for time and activity capture throughout their  shifts with GPS tracking of the locations at which they clock IN/OUT, etc.

  • Route Time Tracking

Easy to see route tracking and timings will give quick visibility as to their route times and locations during their shift runs in addition to vehicle tracking systems. 

  • Fatigue Management

Automated Exception reporting will provide Management with timely reporting and accurate alerts as to breaches of OH&S compliance should employees work beyond prescribed time periods without taking mandatory breaks.

Estimate Your Savings

I read a lot about the available systems, looked into prices, which were similar, but it was Time & Access’ personal service that I really liked.  They came out to see us and gave us the answers we needed.

Wally George, Owner-Operator, AUR Supermarket Mooloolah QLD

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