Wages represent the single largest variable overhead within manufacturing industries. Productivity in all areas is the key to real profitability. With staff working sometimes around the clock, worker activities need to be monitored to ensure effective time use. Biometric time clocks, for time capture, activity tracking during shift, and attendance management, are increasingly common practices to reduce time theft, improve performance, and automate payroll systems.

Comprehensive systems, such as ours, provide  closer staff   monitoring, detailed job costing and  reduced administrative      overheads dramatically. Our  systems allow you to:

  • Capture Timesheets Accurately:
Electronically record the exact start and finish times      of all staff, potentially reducing time loss and theft    through rounding alone by approximately 15 minutes per staff member per day.
  • Automate Payroll

Use electronic timesheet data to automate payroll,   saving administrative time and streamlining            existing

  • Automate Data Synchronisation

Synchronise with ERP and other production   management systems,  as  well  as  automating  electronic updating to other business applications.

  • Reduce Manual Data Entry and Human Error

Automatic employee data synchronisation between your Payroll/HR system and Time & Access' system, eliminates the need for employee maintenance in both systems.

  • Real Time Job Costing

Attribute staff time to jobs to allow comprehensive job costing on a real time with comparison of actual vs budgeted times, costs, and quantities.

Estimate Your Savings

I read a lot about the available systems, looked into prices, which were similar, but it was Time & Access’ personal service that I really liked.  They came out to see us and gave us the answers we needed.

Wally George, Owner-Operator, AUR Supermarket Mooloolah QLD

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