Mining sites are notorious for being located in remote, harsh environments in which electronic devices operations face their greatest challenge to perform consistently.

In addition to environmental issues, communications are often sporadic at best to the remote locations and surrounding geography. 

The hazardous work sites demand a higher level of safety procedures and stricter compliance than most other workplaces including continuous visibility of Who is IN at site and OUT of site at all times.

As Labour is such a high percentage of Cost within the industry, proactive Labour Cost management is required making the need for accurate and timely Labour Cost reporting including Activity Cost Reporting a high priority.

  • Harsh Environment

With the latest innovations in biometric time keeping devices, they are now proven performers in a wide variety of challenging free-quote.jpgenvironments including expose to air borne debris, weather, chemicals and other hazards within the mine site environment.

  • Communications

Advancement using latest technologies are able exploit LAN, WAN and mobile phones network communications for bi-directional data transmission between time capture devices and servers for management reporting using mains, battery and solar power. 

  • Who’s Onsite

Our solutions provide instant visibility at any time as to who is Onsite Working, at Lunch and scanned OUT for shift.

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I read a lot about the available systems, looked into prices, which were similar, but it was Time & Access’ personal service that I really liked.  They came out to see us and gave us the answers we needed.

Wally George, Owner-Operator, AUR Supermarket Mooloolah QLD

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