Queensland State School ADO Solution

About the Queensland State Schools Attendance Sheet:

This solution has been designed specifically to address two key issues facing Queensland schools. 


Currently, personnel are required to enter their times into an electronic time sheet system, which is proving to be challenging for those personnel who are not computer literate. 


However, the personnel are not the only ones being challenged. The calculation of entitlements, based on the Queensland Industrial Relations and Department of Education and Training Workplace Award Agreements, are difficult to interpret and require significant study and experimentation to achieve the correct end result.


To address these specific challenges Time & Access Systems have combined a biometric data collection device, time in attendance management software and (in conjunction with Industrial Relations, Union representatives and key stakeholders) an automated, interactive Attendance Sheet that meets the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission's Award.


All the avenues of redress that are currently available to personnel remain the same.


Device Features:

  • The biometric HandPunch data collection device is the most reliable biometric available. 
  • Eliminates the unavoidable errors associated with manually collected data
  • Easy operation and anti-bacterial surface
  • Provides accurate, reliable data
  • Links/syncs directly to Time in Attendance Management software

Through a process called 'polling', the data from the biometric HandPunch is delivered to the Time in Attendance Management software.  This is where adjustments can be made by the authorised person, to reflect case-by-case decisions which take into account the circumstances to be considered.


This single solution addresses the needs of both staff and the business services manager.

The solution maintains a full audit trail of all transactions, delivering transparency to senior management and auditors.

The Time in Attendance Management software handles all award calculations, freeing business services managers from tedious manual computations.

Because it is not possible to always physically observe staff arriving and leaving the school grounds, the biometric HandPunch takes over that responsibility, ensuring staff are properly managed.

The accuracy of the data is undisputable, ensuring that staff never miss out on entitlements through illegible hand writing and miss-keyed numerals in an electronic timesheet.

Put the power of automated data collection to use in your School!

Managing anomalies such as missing punches and absences are handled by the Approval Editor, part of the Time in Attendance Management software. 


As only anomalies show in the tool, there is no need to wade through dozens of transactions to find the one or two transactions that need addressing, which equates to less work and more time.

 OH&S Compliance:PSB_2020.png

Status Board is a feature in the Time in Attendance Management software that show who is IN, who is OUT and who is on LUNCH.  This is a valuable tool in the event of an emergency such as fire; the warden can take a print out or laptop to the muster station and ensure everyone who is under their supervision is accounted for.

Did you know..?

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.  With automated reports to your screen and the elimination of paper timesheets, not only will you help save millions of sheets of paper, you'll save your school money, dramatically reduce the storage space of records, and be truly environmentally responsible.

Estimate Your Savings

The switch to TA100 and the handpunch has been well worthwhile.  It makes timesheets and payroll so much easier.

Anabel Braham, Financial Controller at Rangers Valley Feedlot.

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