The Team

Time & Access Systems employs exceptional people with unique and diverse knowledge, experience and expertise. This combination gives our clients results, innovative solutions and service excellence.

Jasmine Simpson

Jasmine joined the Time & Access Systems team in 2007 as a Business Improvement/Special Projects Consultant.  Since this time she has been responsible for Human Resource Management, Internal Systems Development, Sales, Training and Project Management.

Rosemary Watt

Recently celebrating 10 years with Time & Access Systems, Rosemary began life at Time and Access Systems as the Receptionist and has continually earned promotions that have secured her new roles. 

Rosemary now leads our project teams in her role as Client Services Manager.  This pivotal role utilises Rosemary's expertise in the area of client relations, working closely with all members of staff as well as being the liaison point for essential internal clients including: departmental managers, the sales team and client services/training team.

Karlo Uy

Karlo is responsible for everything IT; if it’s not doing what it should, Karlo is our go-to.  It might be a server migration, communications between solutions including third party components, or testing new technologies to stay ahead of the game.

Karlo’s commitment to continual development, an uncluttered approach to problem solving and enthusiasm for ‘enhancing the client experience’ ensures Time & Access clients have access to ‘best fit’ outcomes.

Julie Baker

Julie is a Time & Access Systems Implementation Consultant with extensive career based experience formalised through ongoing professional development.

Having worked in a wide variety of industries Julie understands business efficiencies and how to structure our solutions to give our clients ‘simply the best’.

Saeed Azad

As well as his formal education, Bachelor of Science - Computer Engineering, Saeed has professional experience across a wide range of applications, platforms, languages and operating environments.

Saeed is an in-house programmer with Time & Access Systems and the majority of his work is coding for export to third party software solutions such as payroll packages, ERP systems etc.

Jerico Jungco

Holding two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Computer Science and the other in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jerico has kept pace with technology and as such brings new methodologies, design techniques and concepts to the ongoing development of advanced time in attendance offerings.

Jerico is responsible for programming technical projects, application enhancements, internal technical consultation and the development of value added apps/modules.

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