Cards and Fobs


Proximity Cards

The Proximity Card is the industry choice for a cost-effective solution to proximity access control, with universal compatibility with almost all proximity readers. The Proximity Card provides durable packaging and consistent read range.  Our range includes brands such as HID, Synel, and more.

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Our Magnetic Stripe Cards are printed and encoded in-house, giving it the same size and thickness as a standard credit card.

The card comes with a 1/2-inch high coercivity magnetic stripe, making it ideal for printing and encoding employee ID cards, and cost centre / job costing cards, among other things.

Bar Code Cards

We are able to print all types of barcode on our Bar Code Cards. These cards are perfect for things like Employee ID cards, as well as for attributing work towards cost centres, and other such tasks.

If you are continuing an existing set of cards, please provide an example of the cards you with to continue using – so we can continue from the last number used, or start from somewhere completely new.   

Proximity Fobs

Proximity Fobs are small tokens, typically fitted to a key-ring for hassle free staff ID. The majority of our our terminals will work with any Proximity solution and reader combination.


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