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Solutions for Retail

Retail chains most often have a widely dispersed workforce with low number of employees in multiple outlets.  As a result, monitoring each outlet’s opening and closing times has always been a challenge.

Employees who do not arrive at work on time, not only impact sales, but also risk breaches of lease compliance.

Our solution offers:

  • The option of no hardware, greatly reducing the cost of the solution
  • An overview of all stores, stores by state or other location, facilitates easy reallocation of available employees
  • Ability to see who is in your store, the time they arrived and left, regardless of the remoteness of the store
  • Employees have access through our portal to view their own time cards, messages, leave accrued and other useful information

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Our single database for the entire organisation provides management with visibility of staff attendance at any location in “real time”.

The common practice of distributing human resources across business outlets is managed in a single screen, showing who is rostered and where, and those that are not rostered but available to work. 

The ability to see current rosters, entitlements and other relevant information means employees remain up-to-date with changes to their work schedule.

The portal has numerous options including applying for leave on-line; viewing entitlements, time cards and other information.

WebClock is highly cost effective as it is a software only solution, ideally suited to multiple locations without the high cost of hardware. 

Being Web based this solution is available nationally either on the company server or in the Cloud.