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Dicey Rileys Garden City

ENTERPRISE: A Study for Pubs and Hotels

“Dicey Riley’s are reaping the rewards of this fantastic technology, both financially and culturally.  It has made a big difference to the way our business functions.” Alan Clark, Day Manager, Dicey Riley’s Garden City.

“Staff used to turn up around about starting time… if they were expected at 10am, they might arrive by 10.15 (but still write 10 on their timesheet).  Now, staff are seen running through the carpark to clock on at the correct time.”

The Problem

One of Brisbane’s popular entertainment venues, Dicey Riley’s, were losing significant amounts of time and money through their cumbersome timesheeting and manual payroll processes. 

Dicey Riley’s decided to install GenesisPro when, with a staff base of over 70, they realised that they were losing significant amounts of money to creative rounding on manual timesheets.

”We installed GenesisPro as we knew that our manual timesheet system was enabling many of our staff to add 20 minutes here and there to their timesheets.  We had staff frequently finishing at 10.40pm, but writing 11pm on their timesheets,” said Alan Clark, Day Manager of Dicey Riley’s Garden City.  “It was costing us money!”  They knew that their manual timesheet data collection and payroll was taking them way too long. 

They were also finding significant errors in time reporting and timesheet calculations done by staff.  This meant that every one of their 65-70 weekly timesheets had to be manually checked against attendance schedules for accuracy. 

The Solution

ENTERPRISE time in attendance management software was installed at Dicey Riley’s in mid 2003, and the cost benefits have been significant.

“If you multiply 10 minutes per day by 70 staff, the benefits become really easy to see.” said Alan Clark, Manager, Dicey Riley’s.  “We’ve saved in excess of thousands per month since the installation of the Time & Access System.”

Dicey Riley’s use ENTERPRISE to perform a multitude of functions within their business, not only to record staff attendance, they:

  • Collect staff clock in and clock out times automatically.
  • Automate payroll, ensuring that they pay staff for the hours that they work and not the hours that they don’t. 
  • Eliminate the cumbersome manual timesheet process where illegible scrawl and incorrect calculations takes up unnecessary time of payroll staff.
  • Enter and monitor rostering in the system, particularly the set rosters.
  • Use ENTERPRISE to record and monitor divisional costs on a real time basis for: Kitchen back of house staff; Kitchen front of house staff (waitresses); Dicey Riley’s Bar; Glassies and Management.

ENTERPRISE has also provided some fantastic cultural benefits to the Dicey Riley’s business.  “Staff used to turn up around about starting time…if they were expected at 10am they might arrive by 10:15 (but still write 10am on their timesheet).  Now, staff are seen running through the carpark to clock on at the correct time.  Attendance is very easily monitored,” said Alan Clark. 

There have also been cultural changes within the salaried members of staff.  Now that it is obvious what time they arrive and depart, they tend to make sure that they do work all 45 hours expected of them – especially management, as attendance, or lack of, becomes obvious.

 “We saved thousands per month since the installation of the Time & Access System”.

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