Multi-functional Data Collection Terminal

Multi-functional Data Collection Terminal

The Multi-functional Data Terminal can record employee time, monitor productivity and control access, in almost any environment.

The Multi-functional Terminal is a user friendly data collection point for employee information. It can communicate with a variety of existing solutions and management information systems already in place.

An automated data collection system will greatly reduce the mistakes associated with manual time cards, thereby reducing both payroll costs and errors.

Features Available:

  • Eliminates Manually Generated Time Card Data
  • Communicates Directly with Existing IT Solutions
  • 8 Programmable Function Keys
  • Alphanumeric Keypad
  • Accept/Reject Tones
  • Proximity, Magnetic Stripe, Bar Code, and/or Fingerprint Reader
  • Data Input Validation
  • Supervisor Mode
  • Employee Messaging
  • Supports Power over Ethernet
  • Supports External Devices such as Bar Code Reader
  • Integrated Operational Battery Backup (enables over 2 hours of full operation during power failure)


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