Enterprise Workforce Management

ENTERPRISE Time & Attendance Management Software is a comprehensive management tool that will help gain greater control over workforce productivity and provide the accuracy needed in business operations.

About ENTERPRISE Time & Attendance Management Software

ENTERPRISE Time & Attendance Management Software is an easy to use time and attendance solution that allows the automation of timekeeping, attendance tracking, job costing, benefit administration, rostering, data collection and access control.

Employees’ data is collected electronically using any, or a variety of, data collection terminals i.e. biometric technology, web-based, smart phone, magnetic stripe, bar code, or proximity.

ENTERPRISE Software’s powerful reporting system produces valuable management reports, which help control overpayment of employees, ensure correct distribution of labour costs, and avoid unauthorised overtime.

ENTERPRISE Software will poll the time clocks, process reports and even email them to supervisors automatically without operator intervention.

Eliminate payday stress by removing human errors from payroll, implementing rounding rules, not those of the employees’, and accurately reporting workforce hours. Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent preparing payroll and achieve a full return on investment in just a few months.


  • Automatically tracks employee time, wages and benefits
  • Applies defined pay rules
  • Provides extensive payroll and management reports
  • Eliminates paper time cards
  • Provides operational and productivity reports
  • Exports data to third-party payroll solutions
  • Supports an unlimited number of data collection terminals
  • Multiple concurrent user capability
  • Calculates shift penalties
  • Automated time clock polling and report generation
  • Features an on-line approval editor displaying only anomalies, so all edits can be made in the one place
  • Forecasts payroll and job cost information
  • Advanced employee scheduler/roster
  • Breaks employee time down by division, department, job and step
  • Scalable to meet your expanding business needs


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