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COVID Safety

With changing and challenging times, which seem to be here for the longer term, adapting to these requires a shift in mindset for many.

The Issues

  • While conventional data collection hardware is no different to any other surface in the workplace, many businesses are questioning its use.
  • Workplace Health and Safety policies are being rewritten and many don’t include the use of hardware that requires physical contact.
  • Fear is growing amongst staff, about their individual safety and that of their families.
  • The prospect of returning to manual time and attendance practices is a disturbing thought for many, and in some cases is not an option.
  • The perceived cost of deploying a new system is paralysing, not to mention the disruption.

The Solution

In 2013 we began testing facial recognition data collection technology, with less than acceptable success.

Determined to bring the best technology to our existing and future clients, we explored all available options in the marketplace.

By 2015 we were satisfied that the biometric facial recognition we had in all our offices, was fit for purpose.

As the technology continued to be improved we embraced latest and greatest.  Fast forward to 2018 when biometric facial recognition became our best seller, and still is today.


  • Seamless integration with zero disruption during transition.
  • With absolutely no physical contact the Facial Recognition device makes it the most hygienic data collection device on the market.
  • Demonstrated corporate responsibility.

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