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Local Government

Solutions for Local Government

As large, diversified organisations providing a diverse range of services, Local Government is an ever growing user of workforce solutions. Comprehensive systems, such as ours, provide better focused time use monitoring, detailed job costing, and reduce administrative overheads dramatically.

Time & Access’ systems are ideal tools for Local Governments with Triple Bottom Line focuses. Our systems allow you to:

  • Capture Timesheets Accurately
  • Automate Payroll
  • Schedule Automated Data Synchronisation
  • Report on Real Job Costing
  • Utilise Detailed Time Capture
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry and Human Error

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Electronically record the exact start and finish times of all employees, potentially reducing time loss through rounding alone by approximately 15 minutes per employee per day.

Use electronic timesheet data to automate your payroll, including automating your award rates, loadings, penalties and conditions. This, in turn, will save significant administrative time and effort and streamline existing processes.

Synchronises with ERP and other production management systems, as well as automating electronic reporting for other business applications.

Attribute employee overheads to specific departments, jobs and areas so as to allow comprehensive job costing and triple-bottom-line management on a real time basis. Ideal for service-based business units and field use.

Enables the comparison of actual vs budgeted times and costs.

Automatic employee data synchronisation from your Payroll/HR system to Time & Access’ system eliminates the need for employee maintenance in both systems.