Biometric Facial Recognition Terminal

Facial Recognition Terminal

A proven performer that addresses a variety of data collection needs

Features :

  • Contactless clocking IN/OUT with the option to arrive and leave several times in a day
  • No more cards / tags – Eliminate Buddy Punching
  • Our system uses the latest in 3D facial recognition technology to instantly identify employees
  • Uses standard Ethernet connection to your existing network
  • Includes a built in dry contact relay for optional physical access control
  • Eliminates manual time card systems
  • Costs less than other biometric timekeeping products
  • Accept / Reject Times
  • Integrated Proximity Reader for secondary identification
  • Supervisor mode
  • Employee Messaging
  • Dual Camera technology provides 3D verification
  • Infrared Led lights provide operation in low light environments

So now your staff just need to simply ‘Look & Go’


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